Treasured Elects?


Gum Election 2012

The culturally connoted and enriched enthusiasm of the 2008 US presidential campaigning seems a distant memory today. Back then graphic designer Shephard Fairey spearheaded the election cult(-ure) with his Obama posters. Four years later not many traces of a comparably grand enthusiasm are perceivable. The inspiration and contribution of creative workers seems to have faded considerably. This may come natural with the profit orientation in popular culture and the perceived decrease in public interest.

Inspired exceptions are very welcome, of course: and while Mitt Romney has been re-enacted to join the Gangnam Style crowd, a few have added some more spice. This can come in various forms. The (card) ‘game of politics’ or more serious encouragements to go out and fulfill civil responsibilities. Sometimes it boils down to road side innovation in 2012 as well: the Gum Election 2012 has been in progress for a number of weeks. A reliable and amusing indicator? Possibly also an example of how direct democratic ways can be rather destructive in style and ask ‘Who sucks the most?’. Anyway, let us wait and see who that may be.

Rock the Vote Roadside Ad

Political Card Games

Shephard Fairey 2008 Poster