United Thought Blog takes off…

Dear all,

For a number of years I have had the idea to create a platform for the exchange about topics which are of relevance for many of us (relatives, friends, acquaintances, passers-by and interested persons in general). The first idea was to create a platform for the exchange of study theses to actually bring these often forgotten pieces of hard work to an audience.
Now I have had the opportunity to gain some experience in the field of international politics and I know that many of you have intelligent thoughts and a lot of knowledge that should be shared – just like I am often exposed to international politicaland cultural  information which sometimes constitutes a substantive add-on to the general public debate and which I would love to share every once in a while.

Let’s make use of this potential and the technical prerequisites at hand to commence the informed dialogue!

I am looking forward to all possible sorts of inspiring contributions from thoughtful people all over. Let us try and fill some voids of the regular public discourse – and with joy!